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205030 A new design of foam spray nozzle used for precise dust control in underground coal mines


In order to improve the utilization rate of foam, an arc jet nozzle was designed for precise dust control. Through theoretical analysis, the different demands of foam were compared amongst arc jets, flat jets and full cone jets when the dust source was covered identically by foam. It is proved that foam consumption was least when an arc jet was used. Foam production capability of an arc jet nozzle under different conditions was investigated through experiments. The results show that with the gas liquid ratio (GLR) increasing, the spray state of an arc jet nozzle presents successively water jet, foam jet and mist. Under a reasonable working condition range of foam production and a fixed GLR, foam production quantity increases at first, and then decreases with the increase of liquid supply quantity. When the inner diameter of the nozzle is 14 mm, the best GLR is 30 and the optimum liquid supply quantity is 0.375 m3/h. The results of field experiments show that the total dust and respirable dust suppression efficiency of arc jet nozzles is 85.8% and 82.6% respectively, which are 1.39 and 1.37 times higher than the full cone nozzles and 1.20 and 1.19 times higher than the flat nozzles.


Dust control, Precise spray, Arc jet, Gas liquid ratio (GLR), Dust suppression efficiency


Fangwei Hana, Deming Wangb, Jiaxing Jiangb, Xiaolong Zhub

download-icon A new design of foam spray nozzle used for precise dust control in underground coal mines

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