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A fracture mechanics analysis model for the piezoelectric double cantilever beam (DCB) fracture speci-mens is developed. The model incorporates residual surface stress, surface elasticity and surface piezoelectricity and considers the finite deformation theory. Based on Timoshenko beam theory, the governing equation is derived and solved numerical. Consideration of geometrically nonlinear defor-mation will significantly decrease the prediction of energy release rate. The effects of residual surface stress and surface elasticity on the energy release rate is more significant for a thinner beam. The in-fluence of surface residual stress on the energy release rate depends on the length to thickness ratio of the DCB. For open-circuit boundary condition, the applied voltage and surface piezoelectricity can affect the energy release rate, and the effect of surface piezoelectricity is more obvious for a thinner beam. However, for short-circuit boundary condition the surface piezoelectricity cannot affect the energy release rate.


K.F. Wang a, *, B.L. Wang a, b


Double cantilever beam Fracture mechanics Surface effect


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logo Nonlinear fracture mechanics analysis of nano-scale piezoelectric double cantilever beam specimens with surface effect 

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